Thursday, October 18, 2012

Let's Give Em' Something to Talk About....

Ahhh, my sisters.  Fabulous in every way.  It amazes me everyday how our relationships have evolved as we have gotten older and our love for each other strengthens, in a non incestuous way.  My little baby sister has inspired us.  I like to call it #thechelseamovement2012.  Click here to check out her original post.  

She came up with 4 things she want to improve on in her day to day life and Lauren and I have decided to jump on the bandwagon and support our sista.  Lord knows we could all use a little improvement!

1. Go to bed early and wake up early
       I have a little trouble with this in more ways than one.  I work the evening shift in the OR and most nights I don't get off until AT LEAST 11pm.  I then usually come home and catch up on episodes of Jersey Shore, Intervention, Yukon Men or other lame TV that I watch and try to start going to sleep around, mrrrrr 1 am.  So I'm going to try to limit my after work activities and try to be asleep by 12, giving me an hour to settle down.  Waking up early I can do (like 8 am... no hour exists before that to me) if I have something to do... see goal#3

2.  Find a hobby
     "Most people know that I have a few good hobbies..."  Not.  Like my youngling, aside from swimming in high school and a little in college(which ruined my shoulder for LIFE)  I haven't been ridiculously passionate about anything.  There are things I like to do but not as often as I should have something to keep me busy.  So my first project is in the making.  My mom says it's going to be beautiful... can't give any spoilers on my homelyness!

3.  Make and eat more healthy foods
       I'm not the best eater, I have good intentions but those only get you so far.  I'm all about Pinterest and finding new recipes but then when it comes down to it, I sleep in too late and miss breakfast, I'm not very hungry at lunch and come dinner time I'm busy working so I end up eating something unhealthy and fast.  I'm going to try to start making more meals that are healthy and I can take to work and making a point to eat breakfast.  Maybe then I will have more energy!  Also I need to start taking vitamins, like yesterday.  Along with this goal Chelsea tied in exercising everyday, so I'm going to do that with her too.  Waking up early and getting out to achieve my fitness goal and wearing my new pink nikes!

4.  Involve the Lord in every way, everyday.
      I'll be the first to admit that I am not a spiritual person.  I believe that religion is a very personal thing and is between myself and God.  I can't say that this area will be easy for me but it's worth a try. 

30 days starts NOW!