Thursday, March 29, 2012

I Just Wanna Go Back In Time...

(Disclaimer: My titles from now on will probs all reference a Lady A song, can't help it!)

Here's the thing, I'm a night time blogger.  Here's the problem, I work at night.  Good excuse right? 

So I've been busy.
Doing lots of things and stuff.

A few weeks ago me and my momma went down to La Jolla together <3
It was a beautiful day, like most days in that city
but not a beautiful reason for going.

We initially went to do some more cleaning out of Thee house,
but we ended up locked out, which was awesome.
So once I figured out that I wouldn't be able to break in I decided
to take some pics.

It was a really sad day for me.
My Gram had this home built back in the day,
she raised her children her
all by herself.
Her darkest nights and happiest moments
are no doubt within these walls.
The only children who have played in the halls
and filled this home with
love and laughter
are hers.

Now that life has changed
some one else is going to live here.
Someone who doesn't know
how hard she worked
and how much she sacrificed
for this home.
To them, it's just a really nice home
in an affluent neighborhood.

After a talk with my mama I felt a little better but it's still sad.
Life doesn't always get easier as you get older.
No one tells you about the sadness you will go through
watching the people you love, the ones that helped to make you
who you are and gave you the ultimate gift of life and loving parents,
fade away. 

Luckily for me, I have amazing memories with my Gram ^^
It wasn't always rainbows and butterflies, but it was love.
She never missed a birthday or graduation.  She was there for
almost every holiday and loved to travel with us. 
So many of the places I have experienced have been with her
or because of her.
I am a better person because of her and I could never thank her enough
for giving me my amazing daddy!

(she took this picture of baby K on one of our tips to the Merry-Go-Round)

As I get older I can truly see that she rose above all the obstacles in life
that most others couldn't imagine.  She was so strong <3 

A piece of me will always be on Avenida Manana <3

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