Tuesday, April 17, 2012

There is no, Arizona...

You know that song...
The one that talks about how, "there is no Arizona."
I might have agreed up until a month ago, but now I know that there really is.

Thee sista and my brolaw live in Phoenix so when Spring Training
started Jennie and I made the trip over to the Grand Canyon State.
(another thing that I think might not exist because I've never seen it.)

The drive to Arizona from SoCal is redic.  There is nothing to see but a buncha weeds, windmills,
weeds and casinos.  I judge each state I go to on whether or not I have to put on lotion because my skin gets dry and just like Utah, AZ dried me out, so I judged.

We stayed with Chelsea and Dallen in their cute little apartment.  We did a lot of sista time which was perfect!  We facetimed with K&A, went shopping, ate In & Out (my once a year quota) and did some spooning.  Chelsea also taught me about Haboobs.  I also was kept awake all night one night because of a crazy intense wind/rain/thunder/lightening storm. 

I had a lovely time with my sista and was reminded that Dodger fans are still terrible. 

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