Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween Twenty-11

I spent Halloween this year in the Bay Area.
One of thee BFFs, Jennie,
is a born and raised San Fransiscian?  But more specifically from
Oh, sounds familiar? That's because it's the home of Apple.
Anyways, we got there in the AM and went to a mall by Stanford University.
Lot's of rich people, everywhere.
I got my makeup done at MAC and then we headed to check into our hotel.
On our way there we got side tracked by Panera, it's easier than you think,
and Target.
We stayed at The Cypress Hotel and it was RUHeal nice.
After Jennie and I got dressed in our non-Halloween clothes we went to pickup some ladies.

I ended up doing Sheena and Claires makeup and Sheena's hair
and we had a lot of fun in the process,
but I'm not giving any details.

We headed out to dinner at The Elephant Bar
and then went to thee party.
Fun was had by all, I promise.

Until next year,

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