Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Just Emily

I have a sister.
She is the oldest.
She graduated from USU.  She's married.
She owns a house and she has 2 kids.

Then there is a brother.
He is the only boy.
He graduated from the US Naval Academy.
He has a really good job.
He's married.
He owns a house and has a new baby.

Then there is me,
She has a job at a hospital.

Then there is a sister
She is the baby.
She is married.
They are looking for a home to buy in Arizona.
Her husband is going to school to become and Architect.

If you were to ask anyone in my family, extended family or anyone who knows my family, that is how they would describe us kids... Sounds pretty great, huh?

I am Just Emily.

1 comment:

  1. thats not what I tell people... ;) I tell them I have fabulous sisters who are my best friends and we have a ton of fun and adventures... What else matters?