Thursday, October 20, 2011

Happy Anniversary

I knew it was sometime this month, towards the end, but that was about it.  You see, at my work they really "appreciate" their employees and our commitment.  When I went into work the other day I saw it.  There in my box was a little familiar card.

"Thank you for you two years of service.
Please enjoy 30% off on your next shopping spree at the gift shop."
Excludes Magazines, candy, soda, balloons, flowers and books.

Soooo, what do you buy?  Nothing I guess.


So after I finished reading this stupid lovely card I got to thinking.  What was I doing two years ago?  This is what I thought back on.

  • I was 21 (whoa!)
  • Not only was I starting this job at the hospital, I also was working at Maries & Bobs Big Boy... yep, 3 jobs.  (It didn't last long, don't worry.)
  • I was pretty sure that I wasn't going to ever get a job for what I paid a shit crap load of money for and it was super depressing.
  • I had no plans for my life.
And worst of all....
  • I was dating this guy

Fast forward...
  • I'm about to turn 24.
  • I work ONE job, no need for 3 and it even comes with AWESOME health insurance (adult much? yep)
  • I was able to meet the right people and get transfered to the job that I went to school for and didn't have to work more than one job since my new job pays me more in ONE check than all 3 jobs did in one month.
  • I have a plan for my life, at least a two year plan.
  • I'm not "dating" any ONE person... had my heart totally broken (^) so now I'm all about being a player and dating hella hecka guys at one time ;) 


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