Tuesday, October 18, 2011

12 by 12

I saw this idea on a blog that I follow, you should follow it too, click here, and I thought it was a good idea... motivation to get 12 things done by 2012.  Here are mine <3

  • Finish my room.  Decide on a paint color, get my bed... be done.
  • Finish buying my tires.  I already bought two, now I need two more.
  • Spend quality time with my sisters.
  • Have my savings goal met.
  • Read a book about Christ.  The season tis coming.
  • Find somesort of routine for my week.  Needs to include working out.
  • Make a fun craft.
  • Try a new recipie. From this blog.
  • Volunteer somewhere in the community.
  • Go Skiing
  • Make my 2012 financial goals
  • Be a better friend
So there we have it.  Let's see if I can at least get half of these things done?  Maybe...

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