Tuesday, January 3, 2012

12 by 12 Check-Up!

If you remember my post here,  I made a 12 things to accomplish by 2012 annnnnnd now it's time to check it out.

  • Finish my room. Decide on a paint color, get my bed... be done
(I'm not finished. I did make my pillows but I'm waiting to get my new bed.) 
  • Finish buying my tires. I already bought two, now I need two more.
(I def. didn't do this. Fail.) 
  • Spend quality time with my sisters.
(I DID this.  Thanksgiving with Chels, a weekend with Lauren and another week  with Lauren and Amanda)
  • Have my savings goal met.
  • Read a book about Christ. The season tis coming.
(I did do this!)
  • Find somesort of routine for my week. Needs to include working out.
  • Make a fun craft.
(I made helped Lauren make an apron for all my cooking and also pillow covers.)
  • Try a new recipe. From this blog.
(I have made SOOOOO many recipes.)
  • Volunteer somewhere in the community.
  • Go Skiing
(There was NO snow when I was in Utah.)
  • Make my 2012 financial goals
  • Be a better friend

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