Sunday, January 29, 2012


I was watching Lockup, because it's one of my favorite shows,
when something really got my goat.
They were doing a special on "WTF."
Workout. Tattoos. Food.
All things prison, right?
Working out, whatever, I can be down with that because for
the most part they're dudes and
some dudes need to be macho to make up for their lack of brains.
Tattoos, again, whatever.  If you're into sharing sharpened
staples that pierce other peoples bodies
and are loaded with blood that's your prob.
FOOD!  That's where they got me.

When you go to PRISON, it's usually not because you did something awesome.  When you go to prison you lose your freedom, most likely because you took someone elses away.  These inmates where complaining about the food and  how sub-par it was.  Complaining that even their animals wouldn't eat the food, how could someone feed this to a person.  Um, Hello. You're being punished.  Did you think that you were going to get steak and lobster every night?  My feeling is, don't like it, don't eat it. 

So I did some research.  In the state of California it costs and AVERAGE of $47,000 annually to house an inmate (each meal costs about $0.20).  You can see the break down here.  There are about 170,000 inmates in this lovely state.  Lets do the math, shall we?  That's $7,990,000,000! 

So basically, when these law breaking peeps start paying for their stays
then they can complain.
Until then, I can't be mad that they are serving
items that are not even identifiable.

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